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French Resources

Songs, Websites and French Fun!
YouTube has some amazing French songs and videos for children! If you search the artists, many of their videos will come up! Check out French songs by the following artists!
Charlotte Diamond , Alain le Lait and Mini tfo
Any of the Mini tfo short video clips on YouTube are amazing! You can search fruits and vegetables, colours, seasons, etc., and many great Mini tfo videos will come up. Children will love these!
Here are a few of our favourite songs on YouTube. You can find each by typing in the title on the YouTube website!
  • Je suis une pizza-Charlotte Diamond
  • C’est l’hiver– Charlotte Diamond
  • Y a un chat- Charlotte Diamond
  • J’aime les voitures– Alain le Lait
  • Les poisons- Alain le Lait
  • Les parties du corps- Alain le Lait
  • French colours- Alain le Lait
  • J’aime les fruits– Alain le Lait
  • Les jours de la semaine- Alain le Lait
  • Chanson-Les couleurs primaires- Mini tfo
  • Petit ver de terre- Mini tfo
  • Le printemps- Mini tfo
  • Chanson-C’est l’hiver-Mini tfo