Our staff consists of many multi-talented people, who strive to make St. Francis de Sales a safe and welcoming school community for all our children.

Mrs. S Forbes Principal
Mr. S. Renaud Vice-Principal
Mrs. R. Cyr Kindergarten
Mrs. A. Seward Kindergarten
Mrs. M. Stratton Kindergarten
Ms. N. Lindsay Kindergarten
Mrs. P. Jordan Early Childhood Educator (Partnered with Ms. Lindsay)
Mrs. C. Sprague Early Childhood Educator (Partnered with Mrs. M. Stratton)
Mrs. N. Shaw Early Childhood Educator (Partnered with Mrs. A. Seward)
Mrs. D. Deveau Early Childhood Educator (Partnered with Mrs. R. Cyr)
Ms. C. Garvin Grade 1/2 Core
Mme. S. Jordan Grade 1 French Immersion & Grade 1/2 French Immersion
Mrs. B. Lee Grade 1/2  Immersion & Grade 1 (English)
Mrs. B.A. Ryan Grade 2  Immersion (English) & Grade 1 Immersion  (English)
Mrs. S. Peladeau Grade 2/3 Immersion (English) & Special Education Resource Teacher
Mrs. L. Mousseau Grade 2/3 Core
Mme. M. Carroll Grade 2/3 French Immersion & Prep Teacher
Mme. T. Parent Grade 3  French Immersion & Grade 4 French Immersion
Mrs. A. Wolynice Grade 4 (Blended) & Special Education Resource Teacher
Mr. P. Imeson Grade 4 English & Special Education Resource Teacher
Ms. K. Tait Angel Arts Prep Teacher & French Prep Teacher
Mme. L. King Grade 1  French Immersion
Mme. R. McCullough Grade 5/6  French Immersion & Prep Teacher
Mrs. L. Norwood Grade 3 French Immersion (English) & Prep Teacher
Mme. T. Mackey Grade 4/5 French Immersion & Prep Teacher
Mrs. M. Stanistreet Grade 5/6 (Blended) & Grade 4/5
Mr. C. Ellacott Grade 6 (Blended) & Grade 5/6
Mr. S. Zukowski Grade 5 (Blended) & Special Education Resource Teacher
Mrs. J. Dallas Special Education Resource Teacher
Mrs. N. Typhair Educational Assistant
Mrs. K. Raison Educational Assistant
Mrs. K. Straight Educational Assistant
Ms. H. McNeeley Educational Assistant
Mr. S. McCabe Student Support Worker
Ms. J. Brady Office Administrator
Mrs. E. Tsarouhas Office Administrator
Mr. B. Wellwood Custodian (Daytime)
Mr. D. McPherson Custodian