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SK Parent Meeting French Immersion Meeting 

Immersion Field Trip to Perth – Grade 1, 2 & 3

Junior Field Trip to Museum of Science & Tech – Grades 4, 5 & 6

Mrs. Stratton & Mrs. Cyr Skywood Adventure Park Letter

Ms. Garvin & Mrs. Seward Adventure Park Letter

Quebec Departure Letter (002)

Session 5 After School Sign Up Form 

Sr. Badminton Tournament

Jr Badminton Tournament 

April Milk/Lunch Order Form 

March Milk/Lunch Order Form 

Winterlude Form 

February Milk/Lunch Order Form

Hockey Team Permission Letter

Session Two Extra-Curricular Clubs Form

Grade 4-8 Christmas Craft Club Form

January/December Milk & Lunch Order Form

Halloween Dance Permission Form

Gr. 7 Foley Mountain Permission Form

November Lunch & Milk Form 

Intermediate Cooking Club Volunteer Form

Intermediate Flag Football Team Form 

Grade 6 Faith Day

Junior Boys Soccer Tournament Permission Form

Junior Girls Soccer Tournament Permission Forms

Intermediate Girls Soccer Tournament Permission Form

Intermediate Boys Soccer Tournament Permission Form

September/October Lunch & Milk Order

Vaccine Consent for School Clinics – Grade 7

School Cash Online Instructions (click here)

Request to Administer Medication Form