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Lice Advice

Please make note of the following when it comes to headlice.

First and foremost, if your child has headlice, it is very important that you let us know so that we can take precautions necessary to avoid its spread.

For the parents of daughters: we would like to strongly suggest that your girl comes to school in tight braids or a tight bun as this will help to protect the spread of head lice.  We do have small elastics in class so if your child comes home with her hair tied back, these elastics are very tight and are best removed by the adult cutting them.

If your child’s class is notified of a case of lice, please check your child’s head/hair carefully.  Live lice are tiny, brownish/grey bugs that move VERY quickly through the hair.  Nits look like little droplets of glue stuck to hair strands.

Please also note that if your child ever gets head lice, you may want to try this proven to work/inexpensive/natural remedy to kill live lice rather than the over-the-counter lice shampoo:  mix ¼ cup of oil (vegetable, olive, baby oil) with ¼ cup of vinegar and shake it up.  Work it into the hair and cover head.  Leave on for a minimum of two hours (personally, if there are live lice, keep covered overnight).  The oil suffocates the live lice and the vinegar loosens up the nits/eggs.  Rinse hair using baking soda (to get rid of the oil) and then use regular shampoo.

This remedy is effective, cheap and safe to use on heads.

Then the picking begins – this is the long and tedious work to get rid of all nits before they hatch. Pick every single day until you are certain that no nits remain. This can take up to several weeks.

Repeat the above formula with the oil and vinegar -seven days later. (Nothing will kill the eggs except for picking them out – over the counter lice shampoo may lead you to believe that it kills the nits as well, but it does not).  If lice re-occurs it is often because there were nits remaining in the hair.

Please remind your child that their hats/caps are theirs to wear and no-one else’s.

Another important step is to deal with clothing etc. that may have lice on them – everything that your child has touched will need to be taken care of (indoor and outdoor clothes, blankets, stuffies, pillow cases, sheets etc.) This can be done through laundering with hot water and then the dryer.  Another option is to place all items in a plastic bag for two weeks.

Lice is not life-threatening but it is very time-consuming to deal with effectively.

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