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World Water Day

Today is World Water Day.  It is a chance for our students to learn about this precious resource and how accessible or inaccessible it is to children all around the world. One of the activities planned is an obstacle course in the gym which that demonstrates how far people in other countries have to travel for fresh, clean water. Students take turns wearing a weighted backpack and carrying jugs of water through “rough terrain” without spilling it and delivering it safely to their “families” (water jug weight is  adapted by age).









Also in our classrooms, students will be learning about the “Ryan’s Well Project” and the inspiring story of Jimmy Akana.

Ryan’s Well has recently celebrated a massive milestone of building their 1,000th well. Now Ryan is embarking on the ambitious goal of creating 1000 new water projects – constructing everything from water wells to water tanks to hand washing stations and latrines.

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